I think the face is our most expressive tool. It communicates emotions more profoundly than we ever could through written words. There is simplicity in the gestures of the face, a vast universal language that I find instantly cathartic. It’s interesting when the facial dynamic is changed or is uplifted by something unusual like paint, sparkles or shreds of paper. The facial langue becomes objectively bold; it stands out more, emphasizing what I want the viewer to see. Hopefully causing a similar reaction for the viewer, or at least make them smile.

Through bedaubing their face with something unexpected, the subject is provoked to reveal their inner child. For an instant the expression of the subject changes. Their emotional state is lifted and the reaction is whimsy, playful and genuine. With a sense of wonder as to what is taking place, I want the viewers to feel the impulse to bring out their own inner child. This will serve as an outlet to see what their own honest expressions may be when they let the constraints of their own lives leave them. If only just for a moment.

  • Les vulnérables