Review: The Future of the PastLa Première Critique: The Future of the Past

Review: The Future of the Past
By Jim Kiely | Big Red & Shiny | October 26, 2012

Not bad for a first review in Boston. Only problem is they mistook my younger brother Cody for my twin Rory. It happens! Check out the link.

“In contrast to these installations are a large-scale portrait by Zane Turner, and an equally large painting by Marybeth Rothman. The subject of Turner’s work What do you mean it’s going to crumble is his twin brother who, in a moment of anger and bewilderment, looks out from beneath a lava-like mask and directly at the viewer. Paradoxically, the mask does not conceal the subject; instead it hints that there is a much deeper, intransient spirit within him. The work is initially aggressive, but the sensual encaustic strokes of its subject’s eyes and amazing lips slowly draws one in to ask, who is this man…?”

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